Richmond Street East Land Assemblies

494-520, 517-523, 526 Richmond Street East, 156-162 Parliament Street, 105, 111, 115 Berkeley Street, Toronto
2002 – 2022
Long-term hold
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Ground-up development in a downtown location of a major city rarely happens on a single parcel of land. As such, land assemblies form the basis of any successful new development. They require vision and patience, some risk-taking, deep pockets, and are the first step in reshaping our city landscapes. Colonia Treuhand has successfully identified up-and-coming neighborhoods in urban centers and completed multiple land assemblies during the last three decades throughout Ontario. Colonia Treuhand’s two current land assemblies on the north and south sides of Richmond Street East in Toronto are the result of acquiring 14 separate parcels over the span of two decades.